An important distinction of your experience at Tall Pines is that we do not advocate a rigorous academic schedule – we believe this can hinder your child's natural curiosity and desire to learn. Rather, your child will explore, grow, and discover at his or her own pace ina warm, accepting, and positive environment.

A Variety of Daily Activities for Fun and Learning

Art: Children express their creativity using a variety of media tools - turkey basters, paint rollers, spray bottles, and more. Activities encourage individual expression and cooperation with others.

Drama: Using puppets, costumes, and singing games, children experience language, role-playing, and even a little history. Children love to discover their talents as actors and actresses.

Music: Musical Instruments are wonderful sounds to our ears! Movement and dance are explored in a positive and carefree manner to establish pre-math and reading skills.

Science: Whether cooking and learning about measuring ingredients or building sand castles, children experience deductive reasoning in a fun way!

Field Trips: Including an autumn "Leaf Walk," visits to the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm, plus excursions to the gym, apple orchard, and more. Parents are welcome, too!

Special Guests: Children love to meet our local heroes: doctors, firefighters ad their bright-red pumper truck, even Smokey the Bear.


A Typical Tall Pines Day

After dropping off your child at Tall Pines, they will have a day filled with fun and learning!

  • Open Learning Your child arrives and starts learning through play with age appropriate equipment and toys including:
  • Circle Time All the children gather around to learn together with use of puppets, song, instruments, and stories
  • Outside Play Whether playing with tricyles, chalk, or in our garden, your child is continually learning with the help of their schoolmates.
  • Snack Time A healthy snack keeps your child growing and learning is a positive way! Also, this sets a good example for healthy eating habits the rest of their life.
  • Closing Circle After a hard day of learning and playing, its time to gather for a final circle time of the day. Playing together in song, learning beats and instruments, they finish their day on a good note, ready to continue learning with you.