Parent Participation

What is a "Co-op" Nursery School?

A cooperative nursery school is a non-profit organization where you, as the parent, are an "assistant teacher." This eliminates the need for hiring additional teachers, reducing the cost of operation. The director, teachers, and business manager are the only paid personnel. Your participation by volunteering in your child's school environment means being involved with your child's learning. Your "behind the scenes" support helps aid in your child's success. Parents and teachers coming together for the betterment of children; we can't think of a better way for you and your child to start off their early education years!

Your participation is important to Tall Pines

Choosing a co-op nursery school is a decision that requires time, energy, and commitment; however, the rewards are well worth the effort. The times you share with your child at Tall Pines will provide both of you with wonderful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Tall Pines is dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for positive play experiences, enhancing your child's emotional and social development. Learning should be fun, so we've developed a wide range of engaging science, math, art, and other group and individual activities that encourage your child's natural desire to discover and explore. As well as develop self-esteem, motor and language skills, and other tools for leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  • Tall Pines Parent Responsibilities
  • Participate in the classroom 2-3 times a month
  • Attend a Non-Profit 501© Parent Participation Membership meetings held 5 times a year
  • Participate in fund raising activities
  • Participate in 1 committee/ job
  • Provide 2 hours of school maintenance
  • Participate for 2 hours with move-in and move-out
  • Provide class snack on a rotating basis
  • Provide 1 listed item on party days

Non-Cooperative members are responsible for all the above with exception of classroom work time


Because Tall Pines Nursery School is a non-profit, you can help us fundraise in various ways

SPD Coupon Books
Please use them when you shop at SPD so Tall Pines receives a rebate
(coupon book given at orientation).

Rebate plastic card required for shopping (card given at orientation).
Shop online and help Tall Pines

Fair Booth – Pizza
Our most important fundraiser, our school parent alumni still enthusiastically helps us every year.

Cookie Dough
Fall fundraiser.

Nevada County Fairgrounds.